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The Ultimate Ideal Persona Generator

Exclusively by 10-Day AI Training Bootcamp:

I am creating a 2024 Marketing plan for my business.
I want you to act as a marketing expert (with a special emphasis in digital marketing, social media and AI) and help me create a detailed persona for my target audience. 

My business is called <Business Name>, and we sell <product/service> in the <industry>. Our current target audience is <specific audience>. They are currently struggling with <acute problems they’re struggling with 1, 2, 3 that can be easily solved by your product/service>.

Before creating a persona, please review my website for additional details. My website address is: <website address>.

Now, please create a persona that includes the following details in a tabular format:

**Table 01: DEMOGRAPHICS** - Name - Age - Occupation - Annual income - Marital status - Family situation - Location
**Table 02: USER DESCRIPTION** - A brief description of the persona
**Table 03: PSYCHOGRAPHICS** - Personal characteristics - Hobbies - Interests - Personal aspirations - Professional goals - Pains - Main challenges - Needs - Dreams
**Table 04: SHOPPING BEHAVIORS** - Budget - Shopping frequency - Preferred channels - Online behavior - Search terms - Preferred brands - Triggers - Barriers - Objections to Purchase
**Table 05: HOW WE CAN HELP** - How our product/service can solve their problems - The results they can expect from using our product/service - What these results mean for them in terms of tangible outcomes and emotional impact. Answers to objections to purchase. Remember, the goal is to create a persona that feels like a real person, so feel free to add any additional details that you think would be helpful.

1. Once complete, ask me to review the persona and make any adjustments needed.
2. Once I say "Ok", we will move on to designing my core message to attract my ideal audience.
3. Please write in English language.

The Core Message Generator

Exclusively by 10-Day AI Training Bootcamp:

Please act as a marketing and copywriting expert and assist me in crafting a CORE messaging framework for my business.

You know my business name, product/service I offer, industry I'm in and my target audience. 

The tone or personality of our brand is (tone/personality of the brand), and we'd like to (include/avoid) these industry buzzwords: (industry buzzwords to include/avoid). If available, please also include these evidence or proof points: (evidence or proof points to include). I would also like you to suggest any additional evidence or proof points that will make my messaging even more persuasive to my target audience.

Based on this information, could you please create a CORE messaging framework for me in a simple table format? The framework should include:

Umbrella Statement

Table 02: CORE MESSAGE #1 (Cold Audience which is problem aware only)
Core Message
Why it resonates
Evidence/Proof Points

Table 03: CORE MESSAGE #2 (Warm Audience which is problem and solution aware only)
Core Message
Why it resonates
Evidence/Proof Points

Table 04: CORE MESSAGE #3 (Hot Audience which is problem, solution and product aware and lower-funnel)
Core Message
Why it resonates
Evidence/Proof Points

Table 05: CORE MESSAGE #4 (Top 3 Objections and their answers)
Top 3 Objections to Purchase and Top Answer to each objection.
Why it resonates
Evidence/Proof Points

Here is a sample messaging framework I would like you to emulate. Please model character length and format of the sample below:

Umbrella Statement:
We Build Your Ideas Into Reality

“Seamless Construction, Nationwide”:
Why it resonates: This message resonates with both "Busting Out Billy" and "Energetic Ethan" as it underscores Constructable's comprehensive, all-inclusive approach. It ensures them that no matter where their project is in the country, Constructable can seamlessly handle the complexities of different regulations, codes, and logistical issues, from inception to completion
Evidence/Proof Points for Seamless Construction, Nationwide
Examples of end-to-end projects that Constructable has managed for companies like Liberty Energy.
Emphasize on the diversity of tasks handled, from conceptualization to delivery.
Testimonials from clients who were able to focus on their core operations while Constructable managed their construction project.
Showcase Constructable's versatility in handling different project types – from energy to corporate infrastructure.
Highlight Constructable's track record of managing logistics, dealing with regional regulations, and labor force allocation.

"Expertise Trusted by Leaders":
Why it resonates: This statement reassures "Energetic Ethan," who prioritizes credentials and past experience. It signifies that Constructable is not only reliable but has been trusted by industry leaders like Liberty to deliver high-quality projects on time and within budget. This assurance could also appeal to "Busting Out Billy" as he seeks reliable partners for his construction projects.
Evidence/Proof Points for Expertise Trusted by Leaders
Show the portfolio of work done for reputable clients like Liberty Energy.
Case studies emphasizing Constructable's role in large-scale projects, demonstrating their ability to handle complex tasks.
Testimonials from industry-leading clients expressing trust and satisfaction with Constructable's work.
Highlight any industry recognition or awards that demonstrate Constructable's reputation and reliability.

"Building Efficiency into Every Project"
Why it resonates: This message speaks directly to "Busting Out Billy" and "Energetic Ethan," highlighting Constructable's commitment to meeting timelines and budgetary constraints. It communicates Constructable's knack for designing and executing projects that optimize resources and enhance productivity, directly impacting their bottom line.
Evidence/Proof Points for Building Efficiency into Every Project:
Present a list or map showing the states and regions where Constructable has successfully completed projects.
Share anecdotes or case studies detailing how Constructable navigated local building regulations and climate-specific challenges.
Testimonials from clients who hired Constructable due to their nationwide presence and local expertise.
Highlight any specific accreditations or licenses Constructable holds in different states.

1. Core Message #1 Must Appeal to Cold Audiences who are "problem" aware, but not yet "solution" aware or "product/service" aware.  Message must address a problem they are increasingly aware of.
2. Core Message #2 Must Appeal to Warm Audiences who are "solution" aware -- that is, they are aware they have a problem and are actively looking for solutions, but not yet decided on the product or service provider. Message must address the solutions they are considering and demonstrate understanding and empathy with their current situation.
3. Core Message #3 Must appeal to HOT audiences who are "product" aware - that is, they are aware they have a problem, actively looking for solutions and are considering our product/service. Message must include "lower-funnel" language and persuade towards lead conversion or relevent conversion metric.
4. Core Message #4: Must list the top 3 objections to purchasing product/service and the top answers to those abjections.  Message must address the objection that's most likely holding them back from purchase.  Message must include empathetic but persuasive language acknowledging the objection as valid and offering how others have solved that.
5. For each core message suggest an ideal image or video that would be appropriate.

The Ultimate 2024 Digital Marketing Plan Generator

Exclusively by 10-Day AI Training Bootcamp

I want you to continue to act as a marketing expert with more than 15 years experience. You have special expertise in digital marketing, social media and AI. You have all the information above about my target audience and anything to do with marketing. You will now write me a 2024 marketing plan.
You know the following information: the business and industry I'm in, the product or service I sell, all about my target audience, my website address.
To help you with my marketing plan, here is a link to my competition: <link(s) to competition>

To help you with my marketing plan, here is my Unique Selling Proposition: <State 1-3 Unique Selling Propositions>

To help you with my marketing plan, my 2024 Main Objective is to: <State your overriding #1 Objective - can be revenue, # of sales, awareness, # of leads>.

Act like a marketing expert and manager.

Create a marketing plan using the following outline in [TARGETLANGUAGE]. Use headings accordingly. Use bullet points when creating the output and clearly lay it out in sections so I can copy and paste it into MS Word.

Our #1 objective - State the objective of the marketing plan.

To Achieve This Objective - outline the steps to achieve the objective.

Company initiative – describe the company initiative.

Initiatives – come up with maximum 3 best initiatives that are needed to reach our objective. Then describe the initiative, state the goal of the initiative, and define metrics to measure success. Put this in sections.

Marketing strategy – write a short paragraph about what is the best marketing strategy.

Include a SWOT analysis.

Marketing plan is in three phases – fill them out in clear sections and title them.
1. Attracting the right audience:
a. Restate a brief description of our target market from above.
b. Core Message to our target market;
i. Give me 3 to 6 deep emotional pain points related to our product. And 2 external pain points.
ii. Give me 5 gains that the target audience desires, wants or expects from the course.
iii. Define the value proposition clearly.
iv. Define the products and services.
v. Write a story brand using the Hero’s Journey.
vi. Give me an idea for the campaign narrative, what could the narrative or theme of the campaign be.
c. What are the best channels to reach the audience.

2. Nurturing The Sale – from lead to sale:
a. Give me 5 specific lead magnet ideas with titles and at least 3 of them should be pdf ideas.
b. Create a checklist of the following infrastructure:
i. Lead capture website/webpages
ii. Google My Business
iii. Newsletters
iv. Blogs
v. Follow-up process for inbound leads
vi. Social media profiles
vii. Email auto-responder sequences
viii. Inbound enquiry
ix. New opt-in lead email sequence
x. Customer complaint
xi. Remarketing & Pixels
xii. Customer review system
xiii. Marketing Asset Review Checklist
c. Give me a list of 5 to 10 kpis we should measure.
d. Traffic Generator:
i. Based on the preference of traffic given in the prompt give me a step-by-step plan for each preference.
e. Define the flow for the best sales funnel for the campaign using a free traffic strategy. And then put in a bullet list what elements are needed for the sales funnel.
f. Create a checklist for building trust on the website using these points:
i. Phone Number
ii. Professional Email Address i.e.,
iii. Physical Address
iv. CRM
v. Privacy Policy & T & Cs
vi. Support Ticketing System
vii. Professional Web Design
viii. Social Media Profiles
ix. Any Awards or Recognitions
g. Tell me the best pricing strategy and suggest pricing.

3. After sales:
a. Increase Customer Lifetime Value by giving me a plan on:
i. Give me 5 ideas I can upsell to my customers.
ii. Give me 5 ideas what I can sell as a subscription, membership or anything that requires a recurring fee.
b. Give me a referral strategy.

The last thing is to create an action plan for me to do from all the above.

Give me a month by month plan for 12 months. 

4-Touch Email Campaign Generator

Exclusively by 10-Day AI Training Bootcamp (Soap Opera Series Framework)

Using the ‘Soap-Opera-Series’ framework create a <4-Touch> Email series that sets the stage, introduces drama, backstory and wall, epiphany, the ONE thing, hidden benefits, and urgency with a CTA to <get offer/try/buy product/service>.

Light Bulb Content Generator

Exclusively by 10-Day AI Training Bootcamp (Light Bulb Content)

Pretend you are the [personality type] business owner of [name of business] in [industry] that sells [product/service] to [specific audience] and write me a [length] [type of post] that is helpful and that most people are unaware of or ignorant to.

SMART90 Blog Generator

Exclusively by 10-Day AI Training Bootcamp (Buzzfeed Style Blog)

You are a marketing expert. Being consistent with the marketing plan above, write a BUZZFEED STYLE blog with a catchy headline that hooks my target audience. The BuzzFeed style blog must adhere to the following framework: catchy headline, educational list, call to action at the end which includes [my business name], [phone number], [website address]

The BuzzFeed style blog must include the following items: 10 high-ranking SEO terms consistent with keywords the target audience will be searching for, emojis, 10#, 250 words. 

The Buzzfeed style blog should be written in such a way that it clearly references problems the target audience is struggling with and how they can solve those problems by <BUYING/TRYING MY PRODUCT/SERVICE/OFFER>. The Buzzfeed style blog content must include a list of the top X# of <SECRETS/MISTAKES> that every <MY IDEAL CUSTOMER> needs to <KNOW/AVOID> in order to <SUCCEED/GET WHAT THEY WANT>.

SMART90 Elevator Pitch

Exclusively by 10-Day AI Training Bootcamp (The Elevator Pitch)

You are a marketing expert. I want to create the perfect pitch for my business. Being consistent with the marketing plan above, I'd like you to write a 60 second elevator pitch for my business. 

Here's the framework we'll use: Are you a… [Ideal Customer]? Struggling with… [Main Challenges You Solve For Customer]? Hi, I’m… [Name] I believe… [Your Belief about Their Situation or the Solution Your Providing] And for the past… [Your Experience/Notable Achievements or Clients] And I’d like to invite you to… [Action you want them to take] Use Is, Does, Means Framework to describe my product. [What my product/solution is (features), What it Does (benefits), What it Means (transformation or end result).] I want you to structure the elevator pitch exactly how I have it above.

The Prompt Engineer Prompt

Exclusively by 10-Day AI Training Bootcamp

I want you to become my prompt engineer. Your goal is to help me craft the best possible prompt for my needs. The prompt will be used by you, ChatGPT. You will follow the following process:

1) Your first response will be to ask me what the prompt should be about. I will provide my answer, but we will need to improve it through continual iterations by going through the next steps.

2) Based on my input, you will generate 2 sections. a) revised prompt (provide your rewritten prompt. It should be clear, concise, and easily understood by you), b) Questions (ask any relevant questions pertaining to what additional information is needed from me to improve the prompt).

3) We will continue this iterative process with me providing additional information to you and you updating the prompt in the revised prompt section until I say we are done.

The Expert Mode Prompt

Exclusively by 10-Day AI Training Bootcamp

I want you to act as an expert in <TOPIC>. You have all the information about anything to do with <TOPIC>. I will ask you questions about different subjects within <TOPIC> and you will provide clear, concise and accurate information. Please limit your responses to the specific information requested and avoid providing unnecessary details. Do you understand?

Ultimate AI-Powered Marketing Prompts for 2024

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